“Whether they’re breaking it down, building it up, or powering through in pursuit of primal, guttural glory, ‘Face The Fall’ has it all. It’s easily one of the best Metal albums to surface in the last 10 years, and, with a showing like this, it shouldn’t be long before this trio land a record deal. There hasn’t been a heavy-hitter of this caliber since Job For A Cowboy re-invented their sound with ‘Sun Eater’ in 2014, and ‘Face The Fall’ is on par (and then some). This album could easily go down as Hummune’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ or ‘Symbolic,’ and, by setting the bar this high so early on, it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.”,

“According to their Facebook page, the band name refers to an immunity to humans, which sounds like the best immunity ever, since humans are just about the most destructive and dangerous force the Earth has ever known. This band’s brand of pummeling, hardcore noise is a very close second.

This thing is smeared with evil; it leers at you; reaches out to grasp your leg as you pass; lose focus and it’ll drag you into its dank pit. It’s the hideous troll of your nightmares. Its vile imperfections merely make it stronger, uglier, more dangerous. And, best of all, you just know Hummune, its creator, have harder, sharper, deadlier creatures just dying to be released.”
John Skibeat,

“One of my favorite discoveries here at TNR, the album stream was fantastic. Will definitely be picking this up whenever I can get a physical copy.”

“That bass sound is fatter than my waist line lads!!!”

“Hell’s teeth. Gojira + Isis + Kylesa + Deftones = Hummune? I’m in. “Gimme, gimme, gimme Hummune after midnight/Take me through the darkness to the break of the day” – ABBA were secret metalheads y’know”…. “Wow loved the samples!!!! will check them out for sure!!!!! Great job at the end I found myself asking why the hell I haven’t hear them before!”

“I can categorically say that this is the best diy/self produced cd I have heard..totally captures the essence of Hummune…bombastic Drums,bass that could flatten a small country,tastefully crafted guitar work, topped with more than a little rage!”
Tim, Planet Sounds, Southampton.

“With Crafted in Darkness, Hummune have officially trekked out into the wilderness, and their chances of survival, bleak as they may sound, are looking pretty decent.”
3.5/5, Aaron Lambert,

“If, like me, you’ve been lamenting the recent break-ups of the epic, progressive metal bands Isis, No Made Sense and Deftones, Hummune have just released their debut long-player with the potential to plug some of the gaps. Here’s a full album stream for you to muse over, Crafted In Darkness. Have fun!”

“Hummune was seemingly constructed in 2009 by sinister robots in some Southampton, UK factory with the intention of beating human brains to a gelatinous pulp. I haven’t been able to locate surnames for the three lethal members of this band, furthering my suspicion that they are not human at all, but Terminator-style machines that just happen to have been programmed to rock hard enough to splinter teeth. Crafted in Darkness, their full-length debut, pulses with Unsane’s jarring energy and drags hardcore through sludge like the best work on Fudge Tunnel’s Hate Songs in E Minor. Guitarist/vocalist Stu and bassist/vocalist Mike have rasps that finds the broken glass-covered middle ground between Justin Broadrick’s growliest moments in Godflesh and Lars Göran Petrov’s work in Entombed, just drenched with reverb. The rhythm section (Rik on drums, Mike mentioned previously) is phenomenal, digging deep trenches for mosh pit victims while the guitar soars and stabs. These guys have the tools and skill to do some serious damage.

Then you listen to “Moth” and “Into Dust” to open the album and realize you’re in for even more harm than you anticipated. These songs hit hard but still contain a ton of texture, from splashes of shoegaze to the whispered vocal delivery on “Claw.” Some of the gentler moments remind me of early Deftones and work beautifully to enhance the foreboding mood before the distortion levels every building in a kilometer radius. Not every song hits with the same efficient fury (“Inside” features a jarring rhythm that unfortunately murders the momentum, “Driven to Husk” plods along without the demolishing riffs that made predecessor “Rise” so deadly) but Crafted in Darkness is still a damn good slab of noisy, metallic rock and hardcore. The sneaky groove of “Era” closes out this album on a muscular note, ending so ferociously that you almost forget the intricate songwriting and melodic guitar work snaking around the bass rhythm just a few minutes prior.

Listening to Crafted in Darkness may not make you immune to the frustrations and dangers of dealing with humanity, but for almost one hour you’ll feel like Hummune have toughened you up to deal with all their shenanigans in stride. Either that, or your brain will be gelatinous pulp. But hey, this is metal, you can’t make an omelet without bruising some brains.”

Hummune is a contraction of the words human and immune, meaning immune to humans. Perhaps this British trio should have called themselves Trendmune as their retro post-hardcore is a galaxy removed from most other hardcore derived dross saturating the scene these days. The most obvious influence across these three tracks is Helmet, but here there elements of Prong, Neurosis as well as a healthy respect for doom and sludge.

Groove is king on these seething slabs of stripped down hardcore, which grab you from the first bar and mesmerise with their hypnotic swing. There are moments of aggression and melancholy, and enough complexity to keep you coming back for more.

I couldn’t be more pleased that there’s a band out there making music like this – it’s utterly refreshing. It’s particularly impressive given that Hummune only formed later last year and they already sound this mature. Also, don’t be fooled by the M.R.S label, this EP is self released and is all the better for it. All three tracks can be downloaded for free from their Myspace. This is already one of my favourite releases of the year, go check it out.

These guys have been waging quite an intense advertising campaign online recently – some of you who are regular Myspace users may have already been added by the band, and intrigued by their catchphrase `Immune to humans?’. For those of you who haven’t come across this band before – they are a 3-piece band from Southampton who make an intense racket!

Described by various sources as `hardcore’, `post-hardcore’, `rock/noise’ (and the list goes on) – it may be easier to list things they have not been compared to! Some things they are definitely not: weak, mild-mannered (I mean musically of course), gentle. The three tracks on this CD positively burst out of the speakers to punch your lights out.

It is a refreshing change indeed to hear a modern CD that doesn’t have that ultra-clinical, over-processed production. Everything about the production on this EP is raw, powerful, gritty and massive – there is an intense live feel about it that really adds to the head-crushing atmosphere. The drums have a subtle amount of `practise room’ reverb on them, and the whole thing sounds like they are playing right in front of you. The guitar sound in particular had me salivating – it has a huge throbbing depth to it, which reminds me a little of early Bolt Thrower albums! It really is nice to hear a band associated with some sort of `core’ genre that haven’t just swallowed some reconstituted At The Gates riffs and a tub of polish, only to regurgitate it out onto a CD for flop-haired teenyboppers to enjoy for ten minutes. Sorry, old man-style rant over.

So – the three songs on display here are massive. I don’t mean that they are thirty minute epics with long, noodling parts, but that the sound generated by this three-piece is huge, and angry too. Every song is blisteringly intense, and stomps all over the listener with barely controlled rage – there are few fancy time signatures or complex technical musings; instead Hummune focus their anger and intensity into hypnotic pounding rhythms, monstrous riffs and waves of jarring noise.

The most obvious musical reference points as far as I can tell are Helmet and Unsane – both bands also employ similar musical shock tactics, but somehow Hummune have their own sound too, with some epic, hypnotic guitar-work and creative, intricate drumming thrown in for good measure, amidst all the crashing and pounding. Each track stands out on its own – as there are only three tracks on this EP I’d have to say that each track is a highlight in its own right! Opener `Bullets Rust’ comes straight in without introducing itself and smashes into your ears with malicious intent – the opening riff is a great beast which really sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The band have an equally direct approach to lyrics – each line is short, sharp and barked out with much feeling.

Rather than pigeon-hole the band into any particular genre, I will say that this three track EP will appeal to anyone that likes big, angry and direct songs that stomp all over the listener. If I could sum up Hummune in three words (to match their three songs and three members) I would say – intense, huge, stomping.

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